OMOFOX’s journey from bootstrapping to the first investment

Since 2020, we've been on a remarkable journey, and we're thrilled to announce a new milestone with this special financing announcement.

Presto Ventures, a European venture capital fund and network of business angels and startup founders invested $700,000 in OMOFOX. The funds will be used to grow across Western Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as to further develop our product.

OMOFOX has a SaaS solution that allows manufacturing, retail, and production organizations to automate their logistics operations by sourcing, planning, and monitoring transportation shipments. Our solution has been in the market for more than a year.

During a pandemic in September 2020, three co-founders agreed to start working on the idea of OMOFOX in their garage. We had a solid understanding of how many issues and roadblocks the client and other stakeholders faced during the commercial cargo transportation procedure. We began working on the project without any funding and quickly recognized that we needed to get into the market right away and engage with our clients to fine-tune the final product.

Makho Kituashvili, Kakhaber Kochiashvili, and Vakho Romanov are the project's co-founders. Each of them has worked in a variety of fields, including technology, logistics, freight, expeditions, and customer service. We were able to make our ambitions and experiences a reality at OMOFOX thanks to our expertise working in various positions in each of our existing fields.

OMOFOX is a full-service digital freight forwarding company. Simultaneously, it digitizes the data created in the existing process on the OMOFOX platform, giving consumers total visibility into the shipping process. For example, the location of the goods, the status of the shipment, the documentation, the persons involved, and so on.

OMOFOX is a full-service digital freight forwarding company. Simultaneously, it digitizes the data created in the existing process on the OMOFOX The rapid exchange of documents required for customs operations, made possible by technology, reduces the risk of potential difficulties between parties involved in the cargo and during the shipping. Using your own internal workflow platform, with all of the intricacies designed by industry experts, makes each team member's minute more productive and effective than any other "universal" platform.

Initially, we were primarily confronted with the challenges of traditional forwarders; however, these issues quickly dissipated as clients and partners were introduced to OMOFOX's vision. Only the old-fashioned and problematic segment of the target market is currently posing a challenge.

At OMOFOX, we presently have 30 team members and hope to add a new team member to 20 different jobs throughout the period of the year. For the time being, the minimum alterations made it possible for us to integrate more new customers in a short period of time during the journey. We already have more than 300 regular business customers, and that number is steadily increasing. The majority of new consumers arrive as a result of a referral from existing customers.

To bring about a technological revolution in a field that has been stagnant for decades, many years of well-developed skills and experience are required: purposefulness, unwavering commitment to the company's vision, and the need for professional knowledge in several radically different fields, such as modern technology, shipping, sales, business, and team. For managing a self-motivated team, leadership is crucial. All of these elements set OMOFOX apart not just in the local market, but also in the regional and even global market.

The investment is a statement of confidence in OMOFOX, but it will also aid us in our objective to change recruitment for the better. It implies we may invest in our product to fuel our growth. We're delighted to be able to provide OMOFOX to even more people throughout the world.

Makho Kituashvili

CEO & Co-Founder