New Team Member: Ekaterine Rukhaia

What are you most excited about joining OMOFOX?

Joining OMOFOX was one of the most amazing thing in my life. I was excited about their product, their ideas and the most important part was that this business was startup, but still famous. I wonder, how they could manage all these things, but now, when I am a member of this team, I am sure that great team is a reason of success.

What type of challenges are you looking for with OMOFOX?

There were many challenges in my life, actually it is everywhere, but in OMOFOX my main challenge is that I can’t give up. You have a task and you have to do everything to achieve your goal. So, this challenge teaches me everything about my life and my job ofc.

What do you love most about working in Operations?

Personally, I agree the statement, that you have to be yourself in your job. I am very communicative, friendly and personally strong, I won’t give up and will get any kind of information I need. So, when you work in operations, I think that is one of the most important activities you need. So, OMOFOX is innovation, its platform and technology helps us, all team members, to work better, easier in quite comfortable situation.

What's your hobby outside of the job?

I love debating, and I have really strange “hobby”... I love boxing ;)

Fun Fact

A I said I love boxing.... So if OMOFOX needs, “No pain, no gain” ;)

Makho Kituashvili

CEO & Co-Founder