New Team Member: Lela Beradze

What are you most excited about joining OMOFOX?

I'm excited about the idea and challenge posed by OMOFOX. I am also very motivated to be a member of such a strong professional and ambitious team.

What type of challenges are you looking for with OMOFOX?

The path to the main goal of the project will not be easy, but it will be an interesting challenge, this is the place where I want to put my whole experience and find what looks to be part of a fast-growing startup.

What do you love most about working in Accounting?

In Accounting I love numbers written by a combination of human mental and physical labor. Sometimes, accounting is not enjoyable, especially in the traditional SME sector. I want to create a more enjoyable and lovely accounting flow together with technology-minded team members of OMOFOX.

What's your hobby outside of the job?

Hiking is the best thing to leave your brain from Numbers.

Fun Fact

The accountant is a Diagnosis )

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New Team Member: Lela Beradze