New Team Member: Temo Maisuradze

What are you most excited about joining OMOFOX?

Starting a job at a startup at this moment of my carrier is quite astonishing decision but everything else seems secondary and less risky when you join the superb team which I met in this startup. Moreover, I'm excited and poisoned with the idea of what we call OMOFOX.

What type of challenges are you looking for with OMOFOX?

Challenges are everywhere and we may face every type of them anytime but here we all know how to overcome... we can't lose we are not losers...

What do you love most about working in Business Development and Operations?

The most enjoyable aspect of the job for me is communication and negotiation with different kinds of people. I think working simultaneously on business development and operations is the most venturous and involves a position in the business field. In OMOFOX we are developing a unique digital structure for sales, logistics, and customers so it's a really interesting long way adventure.

What's your hobby outside of the job?

As for my hobbies, there are many activities that I enjoy but traveling, sports, and music stand out.

Fun Fact

There’s enough gold inside Earth to coat the planet.

Makho Kituashvili

CEO & Co-Founder