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Imagine a fast-growing environment, where you are encouraged to develop your ideas by turning them into a key to customer satisfaction and business success—a place where all your achievements are recognized and appreciated. OMOFOX encourages self-organized teams to be service and solution-oriented, and be inspired to make an impact in the logistics industry. OMOFOX has a SaaS solution that allows manufacturing, retail, and production organizations to automate their logistics operations by sourcing, planning, and monitoring transportation shipments.

Key qualifications:

• Proven experience as an Account Manager, or similar sales/customer service role.

• Knowledge of market research, sales and negotiating basics.

• Outstanding knowledge of GSuite Products (Drive, Gmail); knowledge of CRM software;

• Excellent communication/presentation skills and ability to build long term relationships

• Strong problem solver with a demonstrated track record for delivering solutions and services.

• Languages: English B2

• Minimum 2 years of experience in this field.

Job description:

• Building and maintaining strong, and long term customer relationships.

• Responsible for customer journey.

• Creating and managing orders.

• Managing bookings and agreements.

• Monitoring and updating order statuses.

• Identifying issues on time and providing solutions.

• Collecting customer feedback.

• Providing high quality services in order to meet customer needs and satisfaction.

• Generating Weekly KPI.

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